Noise Source Characteristics of Compressible Jet from non Axisymmetric Nozzles

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Shailesh Nikam & Siddhesh Bhikole
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16th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics
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Present experimental investigation reports effect of change in nozzle exit geometry on acoustic characteristics of compressible jet in the near and far field at jet exit Mach number 0.8. Three different nozzle configurations used in this investigation are circular, elliptical and rectangular. Aspect ratio of elliptical and rectangular nozzle is 3. Equivalent nozzle exit diameter of all nozzle configurations is maintained constant as 40 mm. Results are presented by obtaining cross-correlation between near field and far field simultaneously measured pressure fluctuations. Acoustic characteristic along major and minor axis is different for elliptical and rectangular nozzle. Cross-correlation obtained indicates that noise source shifts closer to nozzle exit for elliptical as well as rectangular nozzle