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SIMSR Superstars – The Alumni Awards



‘SIMSR Superstars’ – The Alumni Awards  is being institutedfor the first time to recognize and honor those alumni who have brought laurels to SIMSR by making significant and outstanding contribution in their profession, business, and/or to the society.

‘SIMSR Superstars’ – The Alumni Awards 2017 will have the following categories of awards:

  1. Excellence in Leadership
  2. Excellence in Entrepreneurship
  3. Excellence in Finance
  4. Excellence in HR
  5. Excellence in Information Technology
  6. Excellence in Marketing
  7. Excellence in Operations





Nomination Open

14th July 2017

Communication via Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Portal, Posters

Awards Promotions

14th July – 14th August 2017

Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Portal and other events

Nomination Closes

14th August 2017

Nomination will close at 6:00pm on 14th August 2017

Verification & Selection Process

15th August 2017 – 20th August 2017

Persons of eminence from industry and academia

Intimating Winners

21st August 2017

Call & confirm by email

Conferment of Awards

2nd September 2017

Nostalgia 2017


Eligibility Criteria


Any SIMSR alumnus who satisfies the following criteria is eligible for the award:

  1. She/he has completed the15 months or 2 or 3 years of the degree/diploma/Executive program from SIMSR.
  2. She/he is not an employee of SIMSR.
  1. She/he is not a member of the committee which selects or short‐lists ‘SIMSR Superstars’, and  or their immediate family members.
  2. SIMSR Alumni Relations office bearers (SIMSR Alumni Association members) are not eligible to apply during their tenure. However, they can apply once their tenure is over.
  3. She/he should have a minimum of ten years’ of work experience post the degree/diploma in SIMSR.
  4. PGDM Executive alumni should have a minimum of ten years’ of overall work experience.


Nomination Process:

  • Nomination for awards are accepted by way of
  • Self-Nomination 
  • Batch-mate(s)
  • Faculty/Staff
  • The nomination must be accompanied by atleasttwo Letters of Recommendation from other Alumnus, and/or professional colleagues. 
  • An alumnus can nominate himself/herself in only one category.


Verification Process:

Once the nomination process closes, verification of documents provided by nominated candidates will be carried out.

Selection Committee:

A selection committee comprising of eminent personalities from academia and industry will select the awardees.

If there are nominations in fields that require specialists, the selection committee will invite experts in those fields to review and assess such nominations.  

Selection Process:

The selection will be on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Position of significance held by Alumni and the impact it had.
  2. Designation in current and previous organizations along with the duration and achievements during that period.​​
  3. Contribution to the organization/industry by:


  1. Introduction of new processes and best practices
  2. Changes in the organizational standards/structure.
  3. Reduction in costs and / or definite impact on the revenue of the organization.
  1. Awards/recognition received, from the organization employed in currently or any time before, or any association or platform of repute in any of the above. 
  2. Contribution to ​Society.
  3. Contribution to SIMSR.

Nomination Criteria:

Category: Excellence in Leadership

  • Outstanding personality in their profession, and an icon from a national perspective.
  • Contribution beyond business and professional circles.
  • Person of integrity; steadfast in upholding ethical and moral values in their conduct.
  • Performance or achievements comparable to international benchmarks.

Category: Excellence in Entrepreneurship

  • She/he should be a founder/ co-founder/ partner in a company/organization.
  • The Alumnus should present a synopsis on the value created for the stakeholders, the innovations/ innovative practices implemented in his/her business and the size of the business venture.


Category: Excellence in Finance & Economics


  • The person should be highly qualified in the finance area at post graduate.
  • The person should have rich experience of working in finance domain at higher level in a company / organization of a national / international repute.
  • The person should be involved in decision making relating to financial policy of the organization, preferably developing an innovative approach in managing financial affairs of the organization.
  • The person should be able to demonstrate his concern about the wellbeing of society at large and with high regards for human values while working.


Category: Excellence in Human Resources

  • Leadership:The nominee demonstrates leadership and vision in championing people practices and motivating others to effect positive change, is a role model, and shares their knowledge and experience with others.
  • Personal Attributes & Professional Development: Business-savvy, with good knowledge of HR. Responds, adapts and stays flexible to internal and external change. Shows resilience and perseverance; self-motivated and responsible.
  • Organizational Impact/Accomplishments: The nominee frequently champions change in the pursuit of continuous improvement and strategic advantage for the organization.
  • Commitment to the HR Profession:While serving as an ambassador for the organization, the nominee is involved in activities that contribute to the HR community and profession as well as being focused on their own professional development and growth.
  • Contribution to Business Needs: Effectively communicates his/her vision and directions of the business. Possesses proven track record of having effectively managed a substantial change agenda.
  • Contribution to Industry/National Needs: Actively involves in community service on behalf of organization. Possesses good reputation in furthering HR standards in India and overseas.



Category: Excellence in field of Information Technology

  • Professionalism: has consistently met or exceeded challenging objectives to ensure the successful use of IT, and demonstrated a quality approach through personal values and working practices.
  • Innovation: has used innovative approaches, working practices or developed technologies to enhance their organization and has designed new products.
  • Leadership and Vision: has demonstrated leadership and vision in championing the use of IT in their organization to deliver business growth or delivery of public services.
  • Role model: has provided an example to peers or colleagues of the importance of the role of IT in an organization and the standards expected of IT professionals.
  • Measurable success: has delivered quantifiable benefits to their organization through involvement with IT initiatives in the past year and can demonstrate personal development to enhance their ability to succeed in future.


Category: Excellence in Marketing

  • Measurable metric: Clear business vision and strategy, effectively delivered with creative communications, including but not limited to brand imagery. 
  • Solid customer understanding, clear strategies for new or brand extensions and measured positive impacts in both the new and existing customer segments.
  • Profitability:Evidence that the new or brand extension has delivered sustained commercial benefit rather than delivering short term sales results.
  • Matrices:Measurable results linking actual perceptions to the desired brand positioning and awareness.


Category: Excellence in Operations

  • Personal Attributes & Professional Development: Business-savvy, with good knowledge of Operations. Responds, adapts and stays flexible to internal and external change. Shows resilience and perseverance; self-motivated and responsible.
  • Innovation: Measurable improvement in areas such as efficiency, accuracy, and/or productivity as a result of the deployment of a process/product/procedure that could be classified as ‘non-standard’ or bespoke within the supply chain. An increase in profitability for you or your customer/client.
  • Environment & Sustainability: Measurable improvement in carbon reduction. Innovative, practical solutions to increase sustainability.
  • Growth: Significant, profitable growth in your sector, an increase in market share, a change in your business structure to enable strong growth, evidence of strong strategic leadership/decision making resulting in growth.
  • Contribution to the Industry:Notable contributions to the field of operation. Good reputation in furthering operational standards in India and overseas.


Nomination and Supporting Letters

  • A detailed report on the achievements needs to be filled and attached with the form for evaluation.
  • Letters of nomination and support are essential. Letters of recommendation can be submitted from one or more professional colleagues, former students, faculty, or fellow volunteers. Letters of Recommendation must contain information from whom it is obtained, relationship to the candidate and major achievements of the alumni.
  • Please include your curriculum vitae or résumé plus factual statements from as many sources as possible and any other information you feel will be relevant to the committee's decision.

Awardees’ Takeaway:

Each awardee will be felicitated at SIMSR’s Annual Alumni Meet, Nostalgia. The awardee will also be inducted into SIMSR’s Wall of Fame, in addition to it; they shall also be honored with a Shawl, Plaque, Certificate and Citation in Horizon (Institute Magazine), Imprints (Alumni Newsletter), SIMSR website & other social media platforms of SIMSR including Alumni Committee.


Nominate yourself for Award – Click here

In case of any query, please write to us at alcom.simsr@somaiya.edu / apd@somaiya.edu


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