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Applying for Transcripts:


Alumnus will have to mail the following documents  for further proceedings:

  1. UTR Number of payment
  2. Receipt of Payment of Transcript fees
  3. Proof of Date of Birth
  4. Scanned copy of all Mark sheets of the course you have attended at SIMSR
  5. An Authorization Letter


The Institute will require an advance payment of INR 500/- for first transcript and INR 200/- for every subsequent copy beyond that before issuing transcripts for alumni. This fee can be paid by alumnus or their acquaintance at the institute office. Alternatively the same fees can be transferred by NEFT using the details attached, however payment at the institute usually results in quicker processing of transcripts and is hence recommended.


If the alum wants the transcripts to be couriered within India, an additional amount of INR 50/- has to be paid along with the above said fee. In case someone can collect it on their behalf from Institute, courier charges will not be applicable.

The mail has to be marked to the following concerned people:


Concerned Person


Email ID

Arvind Pandi Dorai

Manager – Alumni Relations



Official Alumni Relations ID


Rajendra Kashid

Exam Controller



T. Ganesan

Chief Accountant


Pranali Kadlak

Accounts Dept



Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries about the process. 

NEFT details:


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