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 Alumni Connect Strength

  • Alumni are engaged with the institute through various events. We reach the Alumni through our monthly newsletter – Imprints which captures all the events happening in college and Alumni Achievements.
  • Alumni are invited as chief guests, guest speakers, panellists, jurors for various events on campus.
  • Alumni are engaged in the admission process as panellists for selection of students.
  • We have location specific alumni whatsapp groups to promote alumni to alumni interaction.

We have strong engagement and it is increasing year on year.


For the year 2015- 16, our alumni engagement has risen by 70%.

  • 74% Of the Alumni were engaged through ALCOM Events
  • 14% through other Institute events
  • 6% through SVV Events
  • 4% through meetings
  • 2% through walk-ins



Nostalgia is one of the most awaited events of SIMSR. It is an event which reunites Alumni of SIMSR only across all batches. It serves a great platform to not only feel nostalgic about college times but also to network.



The Alumni committee facilitates a batch reunion for selected batches. It is a joyous occasion for both the committee and the numerous alumni of the particular batch as they recreate the charm, energy and enthusiasm that their batch shared as students.


Somaiya Alumni Reunion

This reunion was for all Somaiya alumni, across all institutes and all batches from both SomaiyaVidyavihar and Ayurvihar.

More than 5000 Alumni came to campus with family. It was an evening full of networking; games, fun and music. Alumni met old friends and made new ones. They also mesmerized their favourite hang-outs and meeting spots.



It is an initiative where in, through a Google group, Alumni share job opportunities. By joining this group, one can directly share about the openings in one’s organisation. This group does not allow posting via mail. Only members of this group can view and post the content

Google group link - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/simsrjobs



In our constant endeavour to stay in touch our alumni, every month, we come out with Imprints - The Alumni Newsletter. Imprints bring to the alumni the latest news about the events and happenings at their own institute so that they are always connected to the best days of their life.


City Meets

The Alumni committee facilitates and provides support for alumni get-together at various cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. 

‘City Meets’ are informal meets where alumni build relationships with fellow alumni working in a particular city.


On request from alumni, the committee plans to conduct City Meets abroad in cities like Dubai, London and US


AlCheMy –Placement Mentorship Program

The committee connects 2nd year students with the alumni for the mentorship programme.  This is designed to have a one-to-many interaction between the alumni and the students where the alumni will guide them about industry expectations and requirements.


Alma Matters

This is an event of fun and excitement for ex-Alcommers. It is an initiative to bring in valuable feedback. This event not only involves talks of past activities but also future activities that would take this committee to another level.



This event is instrumental in providing guidance from alumni to students from current batches on various aspects like projects, summer internships etc. It also provides them an informal platform to know about life at SIMSR.


Look up for more information -

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Stay Connected on Alumni Portal - https://alumni.somaiya.edu/

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Write to us on – alcom.simsr@somaiya.edu






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