• 02 Feb, 2018
    /somaiya/connects/events/702/5th_hr_conference_2018 5th HR conference 2018
  • 05 Feb, 2018
    /somaiya/connects/events/747/stem_cells_and_cancer-_india_2018 Stem Cells and Cancer- India 2018
  • 07 Feb, 2018
    /somaiya/connects/events/746/kjsce_symphony KJSCE SYMPHONY
  • 15 Feb, 2018
    /somaiya/connects/events/725/13th_simsr_global_marketing_conference 13th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference
  • 06 Apr, 2018
    /somaiya/connects/events/742/1st_international_conference__advances_in_science_technology__(icast-2018) 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ADVANCES IN SCIENCE .....
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Dear somaiya members,


Thank you so much for visiting website!


For Somaiya Vidyavihar Home Page image space, we are always looking for new images to put in image space.


What we are looking for?


We are looking for good quality images which will represent Somaiya vidyavihar and its related events, campus, latest news & updates. Also any related image which can be displayed on svv image space. We already collected and displayed some images on image space on SVV home. You can check those for your reference.


How can you upload your image on SVV website?


Please follow the below steps for uploading the image -


1. Click image space upload link
2. System will redirect to the image submission form
3. Here, you need to enter the Somaiya member id mentioned on your ID card.
4. This member ID gets validated on the click on Validate button
5. Once validated, system will provide the option to Submit the image.


Please be clear about…


Only Somaiya members having valid somaiya member id can upload images.
By sending your image through our online image-submission form, you are giving us permission to adjust, crop and use the image on website.
You must not submit image to this website unless you are the copyright owner of that content or have appropriate permission from the owner to provide that image in complying with this copyright notice and this Service’s terms of use.
SVV admin team will have full authority to reject or publish the image submitted. Once published, image starts appearing on home page tagged with submitted by.


Technical specifications of the image to be uploaded


Preferred formats: jpg images
Pixel: 900 X 455
Preferred resolution: 300 dpi

ID No. :
Name :
Upload Photo
Upload Photo      
(900x455) pixels