Best Practices

"Community Engagement: "Going Beyond the Boundaries"

Somaiya Vidyavihar University is committed to a holistic approach to community engagement, with overarching objectives spanning environmental stewardship, social understanding, promotion of social responsibility, addressing healthcare disparities, educational empowerment, fostering philanthropy, leveraging creative expression for social awareness, and demonstrating commitment during crises. The university actively engages students in beach cleaning activities, instilling environmental responsibility, and heightening awareness of pollution impact on marine life. Visits to NGOs, old age homes, and LGBT communities contribute to social understanding by fostering empathy and support for marginalized groups facing various challenges. Initiatives such as donation drives, and community service events acknowledge the collective benefit of giving back to society.Read More

"Constructivist Pedagogy"

This practice is to foster independent and critical thinking among students. By embracing this pedagogical approach, the Somaiya Vidyavihar University aims to empower students to actively construct their own knowledge, thereby promoting a profound understanding of subjects. The specific objectives encompass the promotion of project-based learning, integration of experiential learning, flipped learning, incorporation of industry-driven practices, and emphasis on internships as integral components of the educational journey. Read More

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