Institutional Distinctiveness

"Anveshan Ki Pahal: Where Curiosity Meets Exploration”

Somaiya Vidyavihar University encompasses a range of impactful programs aimed at fostering research, knowledge sharing, and innovation. Notable initiatives include Somaiya Public Lectures, providing a platform for scholarly insights on contemporary issues, Nobel Prize Lectures facilitating interactions between researchers and students, and SMRITI,fostering a vibrant research environment.

Navriti, a student project exhibition, encourages innovation and entrepreneurship among young minds. The Seed Grant Scheme supports early-career faculty, breaking silos, building connections, and fostering community engagement within the Somaiya ecosystem. This scheme empowers researchers to test novel ideas and generate preliminary results. It supports faculty in their professional growth and collaborative research efforts, playing a crucial role in nurturing innovation and research excellence at SVU.

Riidl, established in 2010, further contributes to the research and innovation landscape by promoting entrepreneurship. Riidl has facilitated over 225 startups, creating over 1000 job and internship opportunities and generating revenue exceeding INR 300 Cr. In the past 3 academic years, riidl has incubated 45 startups from across the nation in different industries including IT & SaaS, Education, Agriculture & Biotechnology, Aviation, Automobile and many others showcasing the university's commitment to nurturing research and exploration. Read More

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