Committee for Prevention of Caste- Based Discrimination

Committee for Prevention of Caste- Based Discrimination (CPCBD)

As per guidelines of University Grants Commission (UGC) regarding prevention of Caste-Based Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions, a committee has been formed at SVU. The roles and responsibilities of the committee includes desist from any act of discrimination against SC/ST/OBC students. In case of any complaints of caste discrimination by SC/ST/OBC students, student can register a complaint in the office of the Registrar SVU. Also you can email or meet undersigned. Authorities will take appropriate action after investigation by the Caste-Based Discrimination committee.

Examples of Caste- Based Discrimination include:

  • Humiliation through surname inquiries
  • Faculty/Staff neglect of SC/ST/OBC students
  • Peers avoiding friendships
  • Difficulty securing accommodation near colleges due to caste background
  • Victim blaming and further marginalization
  • Discrimination in both direct and indirect forms
  • Subtle taunts that attack students’ dignity
  • Any other unwelcome verbal or non-verbal conduct of caste based discrimination nature
Sr.No Category Name of the Presiding Member
1 Chairman Dr Vaibhav Narwane
2 Co-ordinator Ms. Takshashila Jadhav
3 Member Dr. Shonan Padte
4 Member Mr. Milind Gawai
5 Member Mr. Milind Saraf
6 Member Mr. Sameer Lokhande
7 Member Mr. Prem Kadam
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