KAVACH 2023 -TEAM OBVIOUSLY emerging as WINNER IN KAVACH 2023 – National Level Cyber Security Hackathon Organized By Government Of India


10th August 2023

Area of Interest



K J Somaiya College of Engineering

TEAM OBVIOUSLY emerged as WINNER in KAVACH 2023 -National Level Cyber Security Hackathon. It is an initiative of the Government of India, Ministry of Education, jointly initiated by BPR&D, I4C, MHA, MOE's Innovation Cell and AICTE.
The hackathon aimed to find innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges faced by law enforcement agencies and citizens. There were 20 problem statements covering various cybersecurity issues, including women's safety, fake news detection, phishing detection, and more.
Overall, more than 100 Teams from various Academic Institutes and Startups across the country participated in the hackathon.
TEAM OBVIOUSLY worked on the following problem statement: KVH- 12 – Fund Trail Analysis Tool.
After working and coding continuously for 36-hrs at their nodal center at Greater Noida, the team has developed an innovative and sustainable solution, where information is read from bank statements provided in different formats such as PDF, Excel and so on. The transactions are tracked across different accounts and the flow of money across different accounts is analyzed and reports of suspicious accounts, money flow, etc. are generated which can be used by the financial investigators during the investigations of financial frauds.