Patent granted for Suture Device developed BETiC-KJSCE Team


16th October 2023

Relevant Person(s)

Dr. Ramesh Lekurwale

Area of Interest



K J Somaiya College of Engineering

The present invention relates to a suture device. The device is developed more preferably rectal prolapse. The device consists of a sutures arm having an exit slit at its one end portion allowing exit of defined number of suture(s) through it, a horizontally placed spring winded movable rod attached with a push plate at its one end near said exit slit, a spring stopper restricting the movement and creating compression in said spring when said push plate is pushed away from the exit slit to generate back pressure for stacking of sutures near said exit slit, a rotatable pressure arm connected to said suture arm through a pivot point connection and having a bracket at its one end portion for pushing and exiting the suture through said exit slit of suture arm, an articulated lever at its another end portion.


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