Investigation on Mechanical and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Granite Powder Filled Treated Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite

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In the present study, two sets of jute epoxy composites are fabricated by varying first fiber loading from 10 to 50 wt% at an interval of 10 wt% and then granite powder incorporated from 0 to 24 wt% in an interval of 8 wt% in the composites. The initial study is to prepare polymeric composites for wind turbine blade application and study the following physical to thermo-mechanical properties including fracture toughness of the composites. The void content of the unfilled composites show in decreasing order (from 6.37 to 3.07%) with the increasing in fiber loading which satisfied well with the increasing in tensile strength from 28.33 to 34.2 MPa and flexural strength from 44.2 to 97.8 MPa, respectively. As far as particulate filled composites the void content shows reverse in trend (from 2.99% to 9.68%) with the increasing in filler content and which justifies the mechanical properties i.e tensile strength decreases from 33.72 to 32.27 MPa and similarly in case of flexural strength also. Whereas, hardness shows a unique behavior both in fiber reinforced and particulate filled composites in an increasing order from 29 to 44 Hv, respectively. Fracture toughness is observed to be constant for all considered crack lengths however, its value significantly improved with both type of reinforcement. The dynamic mechanical analysis shows positive effect of both the reinforcement for mechanical performance under cyclic stresses. Finally, Cole–Cole plot is drawn from the dynamic mechanical analysis results to verify the homogeneity of the composites.