General Management Conference

Start Date

23rd November 2018

End Date

24th November 2018

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Vidyavihar - Mumbai


K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research


Businesses in emerging economies pose many intricate and peculiar challenges. Not only do the businesses have to deal with the internal organizational challenges but also with the specific challenges that confront the changing dynamics of the society within these economies. Challenges faced by emerging economies include-dominance by developed economies in international forums and business; shifting of polluting industries from developed nations to emerging economies; infrastructure development aided by foreign funds often trap emerging economies in a vicious circle of currency depletion. These challenges can be seen as big opportunities through the proper business lens. Some of the opportunities offered by emerging economies, while developed economies are nearing saturation, are Reverse Innovation, Frugal Engineering, Cost-Effective Innovations and Technology for Base of Pyramid Markets among others (Hart, 1997; Prahalad, 2006;Cañeque, and Hart, 2017).


Research in business and management requires understanding the social process. Business decisions are often confidential and requires understanding the specific context. Qualitative research is a suitable methodology to study such complex issues. It involves interpretation of a phenomena in its natural settings. It provides useful insights that are difficult to produce using a quantitative approach. (Denzin and Lincoln, 2011; Gephart , 2004; p. 455). There is a rising importance of qualitative research in business and management. Some of the approaches used in Qualitative Research include: Action Research, Ethnography, Field Experiments, Narratives, Focus Groups, Game or Role Playing, Participant - Observation, Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Case Study, In-depth Surveys (interviews), and Scenarios Research (Galliers, 1992; Remenyi et al, 1998 pp 43-61).


This conference, organized by the general management department at K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, aims to explore these challenges that confront businesses in emerging economies through the deliberations.

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