Innovative Step towards Quality in Faculty Recruitment Process

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7th International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education ( ICTIEE 2020),
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Anurag Gr of Institutions , Hyderabad

For success of any autonomous Engineering college, faculty members are the pillars of all academic processes. It is the collective responsibility of them to develop program specific curriculum, effective implementation of teaching-learning and evaluation process. A faculty member is expected to have knowledge of outcome based education (OBE), ICT tools, pedagogy features, innovative assessment methods along with a sound technical base, research attitude and confidence in delivering the contents. The recruitment process of an assistant professor for such herculean task is challenging especially when there are a large number of eligible candidates. With inappropriate decision, there is threat to the efficiency and effectiveness of an institution. An innovative decision for recent recruitment process in an autonomous institute involved three steps: Written-test for technical skills and other skills related to job responsibilities for all eligible candidates, presentations by shortlisted candidates on the topic of the candidate's choice and finally personal interview by the panel for shortlisted candidates. Out of more than a thousand applicants selection of best suitable thirteen faculty members was possible due to this innovative step. The feedback obtained from candidates, assessors, and persons involved in decision making are suite encouraging. Majority of them have expressed that the process and questions related to job responsibilities were useful to select best suited candidate and also to set right expectations of a role.