Tribo-performance of granite powder filled glass-epoxy composites

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An International Conference on Tribology
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VJTI, Mumbai, India
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This article revealed the fabrication of hybrid composites filled with glass fiber and reinforced with glass fiber in to epoxy resin. Filled composites are fabricated with incorporation of 0, 8, 16 and 24 wt.% granite powder by keeping 40wt.% glass fiber loading constant. It further investigated the physical properties and slurry erosion wear behavior using Slurry Jet Erosion Tribometer (DUCOM TR-411) of these composites and presents a comparative study. The steady state analysis according to ASTM G-73 for erosion revealed positive effect of both the reinforcement. Unfilled epoxy composites showed semi-ductile fracture against the impact of high velocity slurry jet. However, granite powder filled epoxy composites revealed shift semi-ductile to brittle failure under slurry jet impact. As erosion rate is not uniform along the eroded surface, the profile of eroded surface is observed and analyzed. All the different profiles are like round bowl with protruded island at the middle. In addition to steady state erosion wear, experiments are conducted according to Taguchi L16 orthogonal array approach for design of experiments. The results indicate that impact velocity and fiber or/and filler content influence the erosion wear rate significantly.