Ravindra Nagar Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Granite Dust Filled Glass Epoxy Composite for Wind Turbine Blade

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International Conference on Emerging and Futuristic Trends in Engineering & Technology
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Maharja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Solal, Baddi (HP)
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This paper describes the development of multi-phase hybrid composites consisting of epoxy reinforced with E-glass fiber and granite dust. The granite dust used as filler in this work has been collected as a mining waste from Rajasthan (India). The composite are fabricated by keeping the glass fiber loading constant at 40 wt.% and varying the granite dust content from 0 wt.% to 24 wt.% in an interval of 8 wt.%. The physical and mechanical properties of granite dust filled glass epoxy composites are investigated experimentally according to ASTM standard on test coupon. It is found that incorporation of granite dust modifies tensile, flexural and inter-laminar shear stress of composite. Micro-hardness of composite is positively improved with incorporation of granite dust in glass epoxy composite. This paper also presents a finite element analysis for full scale wind turbine blade in static loading based on the mechanical properties obtained experimentally.