Linking Emotional Intelligence (EI), Communication and Teams – Review of Research and Challenges for future

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2nd International HR Conference in Emotional Intelligence
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Mumbai, India
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This paper reviews research work on how EI is related to communication and team performance, effect of an individual’s EI and its influence on individual-level communication behavior within a team and teamwork, EI displayed by team members when they interact with other team members, the resultant communication and team EI and its impact on task and team performance. The team emotional skills are regarded by team EI research as pooled resources (Jordan et al, 2002;Bell, 2007) of individual team members in the team, that are an input feature contributing to effective intra-team processes and resultant team performance. The authors propose that individual EI displayed by team members in a combination of effective and appropriate communication behaviours has a significant correlation with individual team performance and subsequent team outcomes. It not only affects team dynamics but is also associated with team emotional intelligence combined with performance thereby displaying a significant correlation of Individual Emotional Intelligence and individual team performance with Team Emotional intelligence and team performance. Based on the literature on various aspects of Emotional Intelligence with reference to individuals, teams, team behaviour and communication the authors propose a model

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