Maitreyi Hostel

The girls hostel – Maitreyi – is 94,000 sq.ft in area spread over 5 floors. The hostel has an intake capacity is of 373 girls on double and triple sharing basis.

Note : Entire hostel building and its surrounding is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.


  • Seat will be alloted on a first-come-first-served basis, which will be scrutinised from the students registration form number where they have opted for the hostel.
  • Students applying for loans for the hostel fees are requested to wait until College/Institute confirms opening of the hostel.
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130 rooms

Rooms Type

Triple Sharing and Double Sharing (only for NRI's)

Governance Structure

Discipline & Code of Conduct

Apart from these general rules, each hostel has rules specific to their resident students, which will be shared with the student at the time of admission.
  • All parents / guardians will have to sign an Undertaking attached to the ‘Notice’ while admitting their ward into the Hostels.
  • Somaiya Vidyavihar takes a strong stand against students breaking the hostel and campus rules and such students are liable to be expelled immediately from the hostel.
  • Students are not permitted to inter-change the rooms and their room-partners on their own.
  • The decision of the Hostel Chairperson will be final regarding the admission and expulsion of any student from the hostel.
  • Students admitted to the respective Hostel will be issued with a Hostel Identity Card by the respective hostel which should be carried by them at all times.
  • The prescribed leave application form specifying the period of leave, duly signed by the Hostel Warden must be submitted to the Hostel office.
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