Effect of Chevron Nozzle Penetration on Heat Transfer Characteristics in an Impinging Jet

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Kalpesh Pawar,Prathmesh Chavan & Shailesh Nikam
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7th International and 45th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power (FMFP)
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IIT Bombay, Mumbai
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Present work reports the effect of chevron on heat transfer characteristics of the flat plate using impinging jet. Three chevron nozzles with different level of penetration are used to produce impinging jet and results are compared with the performance of tube nozzle. The present investigation is carried out computationally using Ansys fluent 16.2 and k-e turbulence model. All chevron nozzles has 4 petals with different tilt angle to jet axis (O = 6°, 10°, and 18°), which gives different penetration level. It is observed that nozzle with 10° tilt angle gives best results for the heat transfer. At a streamwise location, x/D = 6. Chevron nozzle with higher penetration increases convective heat transfer coefficient by about 33% as compared to the base tube nozzle.