You can start staying in the hostel rooms just after you report to the institute on the reporting date.

One study table, chair, cupboard and bed

No attached washrooms. Each floor has 6 washrooms and 6 Bathrooms.

Bedding (mattress, bed-sheet, pillow, blanket), Bucket, mug, hanger etc. are to be brought by each student as per their requirement.

No. Same dining hall but Boys and girls sit apart in the mess hall.

Four Meal. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner.

No. Non-veg food is not allowed in mess and campus as well.

Yes. It is a paid facility. The charges are per cloth per student basis.

The entire campus is highly secured, and also the hostel. Hostel building have 24*7 security. Only Parents who wish to meet their wards can meet them in the reception area. A prior permission has to obtained by their ward from the warden for the same.

Yes in the Guest room on payment basis, but not in the wards room as each room is shared by other students too.

NO. Hostel students are not allowed to bring in non-hostel student friends inside the hostel building. It is strictly prohibited.